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Sport is a passion for the people living in Bergamo. People are fond of it and like to make as well as attend the many events held. The sporty tourists will find in this region great interest for the many scheduled high level events and for the several occasions to go in for their preferred activity or for other ones never done before. 


sport to make


Mountain is a must for amateur sportsmen in Bergamo!

Downhill Ski: ski schools, artificial snow guns, miles of tracks in Foppolo, San Simone, Carona, Valtorta, Piazzatorre,

Sci Country Ski: FISI approved loops in Serina (3-4-6-7,5 Km), Oltre il Colle  (3,5-7,5 Km), Trabuchello di Branzi (3,5 Km), Schilpario (Abetaie 5-7,5-10 Km). More loops in Roncobello (2 e 5 Km), Valtorta (3-5-7,5-10 Km), Piazzatorre (4 Km), Santa Brigida (5 Km), Piani dell'Avaro (7,5 Km), Mezzoldo (Ponte dell'Acqua 5 Km), Carona (3-4-5 Km), Foppolo (3 Km), San Simone (1,5 Km). 

Ski-Trekking: the Orobic Mountains in the Upper Brembana Valley boasts a large numbers of trails for skilled ski-trekkers. The trails run around the most scenic peaks: Pizzo dei Tre Signori, Corno Stella, Mt. Grabiasca  Como (Inferno, Salmurano, San Marco, Tartano, Venina, Cigola, Bobbio and Artavaggio Passes). 

Mountains trekking: the Western Orobie Trail is famous within the enthusiast trekkers: Cassiglio, Baciamorti Pass, Cazzaniga refuge, Piani di Bobbio, Grassi refuge, Benigni refuge, Ca’ S. Marco, St. Simone Pass, Tartano Pass, Foppolo, Calvi refuge.  

Excursions with snowshoes: even the less sporty tourists have discovered the fun of the snowshoes excursions! Trails around Foppolo, S. Simone and Carona. 

Ice Climbing: the Brembana Valley offers many opportunities to climb the water, always frozen in a different way. In Cambrembo, natural ice gym for safe climbing with helmets, ice axe, crampons, and ropes available (TD, 60 m). In the ravines of Taleggio Valley there is a big, spectacular and fragile waterfall (TD, 150 m), while five more Freeclimbing(DL, 80 to 250 m) can be located after one-hour trail from Roncobello on the

Freeclimbing: climbing centres with highest degrees of difficulty can be found in the region. Among these, the Corna d’Alba in Cornalba is probably the most famous and nice cliff in Italy. Its South-Eastern exposure make it accessible all-year round. Night climbing in S. Pellegrino Terme and indoor safe climbing in Zogno and Pianico. 

Parachute gliding: launch sites in S. Antonio  Abbandonato (Zogno), Cornalba, Masoni di Carona and Foppolo (Valgussera, Montebello, Cima Cadelle).

Windgliding: fully equipped windgliding field in Valbrembo. Equitazione

Angling: trout angling in the prealpine streams (Valtorta and Taleggio Valley, with licence) and in artificial lakes (Rovetta, Villa d'Ogna, Pontirolo Nuovo).

Canoeing: down the river Brembo rapids in the stretch between S. Giovanni Bianco and S. Pellegrino Terme.  

Horseback riding: rides on the mountain trails (Scalvino), on the plain trails (Comun Nuovo, Arcene), and on the hills trails around the town of Bergamo (Albenza). 

Bycling excursions


BK1: From Almenno S. Bartolomeo to Cornello dei Tasso. Itinerary amongst trails and the old Val Brembana railroad track, passing aside the Castle of Clanezzo, the bridges of Sedrina, Zogno, Ambria, S. Pellegrino, S. Giovanni Bianco and Oneta.Mountain Bike

BK2: From S. Giovanni Bianco to Cespedosio. Difficult trail with high difference in height, it goes through the old villages of Oneta, Sentino, Pianca, Brembella, Era, and the first sloops of the Mount Cancervo, climbing from 500 m a.s.l. of S. Giovanni Bianco to over 1100 m of the arrival.

BK3: From Iseo to Seriate. Itinerary in the countryside through trails, canals and rivers banks, cultivated fields and old villages. The trail passes aside the Carmagnola Manor in Clusane, Paratico, Fosio, the Lantieri Mill, the Napoleon way, the Hill of Montecchio in Credaro with the Neoclassic Manor of Pollack, Cornale, Castel Trebecco, Porto, the old textile Factory. Tagliuno, the ruins of the Marenzi Castle, Gromolevate, Portici Manarini, Chiuduno, the Manor Suardo in Cicola, Carobbio degli Angeli, Triplok, Gorlago, Montello, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Roses in Albano Sant’Alessandro, Comonte, Levata.

Further itineraries are under preparation: on the hills (Palazzago), in the mountains (Onore, Songavazzo), on the plain (along the river Adda from Calolziocorte, Urgnano, Calcio), on the hills surrounding Bergamo (Sombreno).


GolfEnthusiasts shall also find possibilities to enjoy:

Golf: three 18-holes courses within short distance from Bergamo (Bergamo, Barzana, Chiuduno).

Archery: daylight activity in Bergamo.

Clay pigeon shooting: daylight and nightly activity in Dossena.

Bowls: many courts all over the province. Professional Bowling Arenas in Bergamo; Torre Boldone, Ranica and S. Giovanni Bianco.

Windsurfing and Sailing: many marinas on the banks of the Lake of Iseo.


 scheduled events


CalcioSoccer: Atleti Azzurri d'Italia Stadium in Bergamo, home of Atalanta, Men Premier League (Serie A).

Volleyball: indoor Arena in Bergamo, home of Bergamo Volley Foppa-Pedretti, Women current National and former European champion team.

Basketball: indoor Arena in Bergamo (Men B1 League).

American Football: stadium in Osio Sotto, home of the Lions, the golden helmeted team winner of five Italian Superbowl and two Eurobowl.

Rugby: stadium in Bergamo (National Second division men).

Motorcycling: supermotard, Trial (Upper Brembana Valley) and Enduro (Valli Bergamasche, Upper Seriana Valley) World Championship events, International Supercross (October), Amateurs Ride of the Valleys International Meeting (Upper Valleys, November).

Pedal Cycling: arena in Dalmine for indoor races. Settimana Bergamasca road races. Tour of Lombardy, UCI World Cup event. Felice Gimondi Marathon (spring). 

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